GettingThere4Him, Inc. (GT4H) – Todah Moment

Getting There 4 Him, Inc

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." Psalm 150:6 (NKJV)

This page is dedicated to those of us who may be "going through". Take a deep breath and lift your hands to God in praise for something He has done for you. This is called a Todah Moment. Life happens. Just remember a Todah Moment helps you through whatever you're going through. Fill in the blank: "I'm grateful for ___________"

Send me your grateful moments or situations you're claiming God to move within to We'll praise and shout the victory together! (You may send your information anonymously or with your first initial and last name.)

Teena Washington

"I thank God for the home that He has given me, and for my husband. It is a true answer to my prayer."

L. Kollore

I'm grateful that God has kept me in my right mind. Reminding me that I am His child and I can dance through this thing called life, each phase of it, as long as I stay in step and in tune with Him!

My Breakthrough

Healing and deliverance from self-destruction!