About GT4H


GT4H's goal is to help people become closer to God. We seek to inspire and motivate everyone -- men, women, and children -- through our Scripture-based tee shirts, postcards, and other products and services.

GT4H uses testimonies and praise reports to spread the good news of God's grace and mercy. If you would like to connect to a thriving community of positive, God-centered believers, share your experiences on the "Todah Moment" tab. Your thoughts will be featured on our website.

These ‘Todah Moment’ experiences assist in making a real difference in lives of others. The messages and the deeper meaning of these experiences are valuable tools in helping people forge a closer relationship with God. They assure the collective body of believers that they are not alone...that God is ALWAYS with them.

GT4H’s inspirational tee-shirts, postcards, and other products and services are tools by which we can spread the news of God’s grace and mercy, not by preaching, but by example!